02 Jun 2007 01:48 pm

Change of Shift 1:25

Has it been a week already? Must be ’cause Change of Shift is up once again on Emergiblog. And that means there’s 22 more blog posts just sitting there begging for attention.

I’m no nurse. And I’m certainly no doctor. I don’t even know which end of the stethoscope goes in the freezer. I just know I like reading medical bloggers. So anyway… now I’ve got to decide whether I’m going to try and get some work done… or go read blogs? Work… or go read blogs? Work? Oh heck, I’ll see you later.

Oh, and if I happen to see you over on Kim’s site… be sure and check out the illustration that accompanies her post: Neighborhood Watch. You’ll see what I mean.

– Dean

2 Responses to “Change of Shift 1:25”

  1. on 13 Jun 2007 at 6:32 am 1.NPs Save Lives said …

    Hi there Dean. I put a link to your great site on my blog. Lots of great information here. My husband suffers terribly from a bad back. I’ll have him read your site.

  2. on 13 Jun 2007 at 5:06 pm 2.Dean said …

    Thanks for the link and the kind feedback, NP. I hope your husband finds the site useful as well.

    – Dean

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