Randolph's Wireless Internet Question

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Post by Dean » Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:22 am

Anonymous wrote:Hi Henry and Greg

Yes, as you're discovering, there's more to rebuilding your back than just doing exercises ... there's a mental rebuilding that needs to happen, too, which participating in this forum really helps with. It's really very therapeutic during the early stages of sciatica to read that sciatica is not a death-sentence, as my negative emotions incorrectly predicted.

It's been two years since my sciatica exploded on the scene ... and now the horrible pain is a distant memory and I'm living and working without any unnecessary concern for my back ... and without any aggressive medical intervention like surgery. Which is of course a VERY good thing (to return to doing all the regular things of life we take for granted before sciatica AND not have a huge medical bill to pay down). Unfortunately, that leaves little time for coming here and posting. Add to that, being home only every other weekend, and not having a laptop in the truck I drive all over the US to adequately keep up with the posting here .... and I really regret not having the opportunity to post as frequently as I could when I was "stuck" at home, unable to work, recovering from my sciatica. Which prompts the question: does anyone know if WIRELESS internet access with a laptop is widely available around the US? :?: :?:
I'd really like to keep up with the postings here and occassionally have time while I'm out on the road and I'm wondering if spending a few hundred bucks for a laptop would be wise. Do I have to be in a WiFi area (few and far between) to get the internet, or is internet reception similar to XM radio's wide availability?

Thanks, Randolph

Hi Randolph,

Here's an article I just read about Google's proposal for a nationwide wireless Internet Network. Will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

http://www.cbronline.com/article_news.a ... 5A3392024A

I haven't kept up with the cell phone thing. I haven't had one for years. But AT&T and some other carriers provide some sort of Internet access for podcasts and this new iPhone... and some people use the Blackberry, which is a phone and computer. You might search the net for info on these topics to learn more.

Also, I bet there are maps showing Wi-Fi areas for free access to the Internet in many cities and town. (Springfield, MO, supposedly has a free Wi-Fi area downtown as part of a re-vitalization effort, for example.)

Like I say, I've haven't had time to keep up with all this new fangled technology.


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Post by Dean » Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:12 am

Received this via email:

Wireless internet is available at most truck stops nationwide (flying J comes to mind) for a low subscription fee usually. Every major/minor hotel includes them for free as part of your stay. Some major cities have started free access – but that is VERY variable and usually deathly slow. The best bet a traveler has is to find major restaurant chains (panera bread, some mcdonalds, starbucks) and just frequent those places and soak up their free internet.

I have never seen any decent map showing wireless access.

The cell phone companies will sell you a gadget to plug into your laptop giving high speed internet service, but it usually is pretty expensive b/c it uses the cell phone signals. Its more reliable, b/c cell phone access is virtually everywhere, but MUCH more expensive. I’d stick with the typically available freebies like I mentioned.

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Post by randolph » Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:19 am

Thanks, Dean.

You're right ... there are WiFi reception area maps on the internet. Google "wifi areas".

Looks like Flying J is the only national-chain truck stop that typically has WiFi (and it looks like they charge to get access) .... yet I see other drivers using (just playing games?) their laptops in every truck stop. Will have to find out what they're doin ....


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