Someone who actually cares about my pain and wants to help

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Someone who actually cares about my pain and wants to help

Post by yannick35 » Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:53 am

Dean Moyer after searching the internet for an answer, wasting 7 years of my life with pains, chronic pains.

Went to every profession there is for help and go no where.

I dont want to rant, here is a bit of history for the past 2 years.

Went to 2 different chiros, one for a year, kept adjusting my pelvic each week sometimes twice a week and my cervical.

After a year i got really mad cause my pain was not going away, has everybody here i had relief for a couple of days and that was it.

He told me that he did not have the techic to adjust my C7 and he would refer me to another chiro who has the technic.

I was mad has hell and told him about sport medecin he said no, and about some device called the posture pump, inversion table and lumbar extender, he told me that i did not need theses.

I went on to see is crooked friend, there he proceeded on saying that all profession where crap and chiropratic was the only thing that really help anyone.

He gave me 10 weeks 2 times per week, but after one month i would be amazed of the results, so first adjustment felt great.

I did feel a lot better after one month and each time he adjusted my pelvic it hurt like hell, he said its normal the pelvic is working.

I felt a line in the lower back and compression like never before.

I finished my 10 weeks he took some x rays again and i told him to send me for an MRI.

I went back to is office for the results, discopathy L4L5 L5S1 normal for a 36 year old male, with a small pinch, he told me that my problem was with subluxation and that only him could fix me.

Gave me 6 weeks at one time per week, i did 2 adjustments, lifted monitors at my job ( i am a computer techicien) the pain came back.

I call him up and cancelled everything.

I went to sport medecin, told that chiro that i needed my x rays, he took me to is office and told me that sport medecin is crap and that he wants to help me he gave me dumb exercices to do at home that did do ****.

I told him to # off and bring him back is x rays.

In sport medecin it was a bit better because they got me working a lot the pelvic region but lacked ab work and streching.

I donated 40$ total to buy both e-books for back and neck and am amazed of the results.

Small price to pay to get your life back god it feels good.

I am going in posture rehab at the sport clinic and will bring this amazing program.

I want to thank you Dean Moyer you are amazing that is all i have to say, the programs are what people really need.

It is sad that the so called professional lie like this and they just dont know how much this pains slows and stop someone life.

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