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"corrective care" questions

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:49 am
by bexlent
hi, im new, i too have been scared into chiropractic care. i finished my "first phase" of care back in october. havent returned due to the cost (as it's not covered by insurance). i went for 8 months. i was also coersed into getting my children adjustments as well. they have been going since july. but after visiting this site, i will no longer be taking them for any chiro adjustments. and unless there's an emergency need i will not take them to a chiro ever. when they're adults i will let them decide.

i am wondering something. i have been reading some of the scary possible "side effects" of chiropractic care that involves neck manipulation (which my chiro does). since i no longer go, i assume it will take some time for my muscles, etc. to get back to normal. they seem to get tight/sore anytime i do remotely intense exercise. and any time i bend over *to pick up things (having children picking up is as natural as breathing) i feel tension in my neck muslces. my assumption is that over a bit of time that will eventually go away? is this an ok assumption? do the effects "wear off"?
there has also been a lot of stress in our home basically this whole year which could be contributing to neck tightness, right? basically i want ot make sure my health (as well as health of my kids) has not been compromised. we didnt go for very long and we have always been blessed with great health.

as i said, i went for 8 months. after reading some of the info i've read, i'm kinda freaked out and feel like a total idiot for allowing myself to be so easily talked into "corrective care" chiropractic care. i am just 31 years old. have been athletic my whole life and have been very healthy my whole life. i am married (7 years) have to kids (6 years old and 2 years old).

i started going to this chiropractor due to pain in my neck that i usually got after running. this had been going on for a few months. a month before i even thought of a chiropractor i started having anxiety attacks. at the time had no idea why; since then i have figured it out. so since i was full of anxiety i guess that is why i was so easily talked into the chiropractic care. my husband didnt know anything about anxiety attacks, or chiropractic care (i didnt either, but i was the on suffering) so he left the decision up to me. my parents also went to a chiropractor and swore by it. so who was i to know any different. i wish i found this site a year ago. but am glad i did find it. thanks for all the info. i had seen a relief care chiro in high school for a few weeks. that was the extent of knowledge i had of chiropractic care.

so i have decided that until there is more info and education i will not go to a chiropractor that is especially into the lifetime care stuff. if i need an occasional adjustment, i might consider it, but otherwise i am swearing off chiros until much more studies are done. and i am especially not taking my kids. thanks for this site.
any answer to my earlier questions would be helpful. did i compromise my health (or my childrens' health)?

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:09 pm
by Dean
Hi bexlent,

I don't think you have anything to worry about. I had 10 years of chiropractic treatment and can't say that I suffered any residual effects. The treatment was useless, but I managed to escape unharmed. (Others have not been so lucky, but they knew almost immediately that they had been injured.)

My articles about chiropractic are meant to be educational. It is not my intention to needlessly frighten anyone. I don't recommend that anyone seek chiropractic treatment because of the possible risks, but it is highly unlikely that you or your family have been injured.

Reading through your post I had a feeling your neck stiffness was due to stress and anxiety even before you mentioned it. I doubt there is anything physically wrong with your neck. (Only a real MD can make that determination, of course.)

Try warming up good before and after you run or exercise (or pick up children) and see if that doesn't make a difference. Also, you might want to read the books by Dr. John Sarno for more info on TMS or "Tension Myositis Syndrome" (his terminology).

I don't think you need my book unless a medical doctor determines that you do indeed have a need for physical therapy.

I hope this helps put your mind at ease.

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:33 pm
by bexlent
thanks. i'll look into the book.
my neck pain had been going on for a few months beforehand. and yes my dr. was pretty sure it's stress.
i'd never had stress/anxiety issues in my life. so since it all happened so suddenly, etc. it was very scary and confusing. that's kind of what helped me jump into the chiro. stuff (altho they also use scare tactics -whether that's their intent i dont know).
thanks for your info and input.