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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 11:52 pm
by randolph
Here's a very lively forum among hundreds of health care professionals, including physical therapists and many reformed chiropractors. Eye-opening discussions among chiropractors of all persuasions, and even a place to tell your story of chiropractic abuse or get general advice on medical avenues to explore for your spinal problems. Established by a reformed chiropractor a couple years ago.

While I appreciate the general info on (linked to at "resources" here), here's a chance to talk with medical professionals.

This forum is also very well done: lots of color and just pretty to look at. Also, it's well policed, so the level of discussion, while often vibrant, is always professional. Wackos are deleted, and have to pay to get back on... which would seem to be a potential area for censorship ... but many points of view are still vigorously proclaimed.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 4:14 pm
by Dean
Hi randolph,

Been missing you around here for the past week or so. I hope everything is going good out on the road and that business is starting to get back to normal for you. I feel for you truckers out there with fuel prices what they are.

As you can see I've finally gotten around to expanding the forum to include some of the suggestions everyone wanted. I figure it will be slow going at first because our numbers are still relatively small. But hopefully people will just jump in and post anyway.

Great site suggestion, by the way. I'm going to be adding it to the resources page shortly. I haven't spent a lot of time there myself, (never enough time) but it is definitely a good resource that everyone should check out when they get a chance.


PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:34 pm
by randolph
Hello Dean!

Glad to see the new forum categories :)

I've been driving full time the last three weeks ... with mixed success. If we didn't need the money, I'd be at home... but sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do ... and that means get back to work. Thankfully, the pain is not unbearble, even tho it's constant. And thankfully, the exercises do provide some relief. Especially helpful are doing the neck exercises frequently while driving: no more stiff neck/shoulders/back even after a day of driving (10-15 hrs). But sitting that long each day is still difficult. While my strength and flexibility are still increasing with the daily exercising (beginning and advanced RYB exercises), the pinched sciatic nerve is still ... well ... bad.

I've seen a primary care physician twice in the last month (now that our savings are depleted, at least we qualify for the state health insurance). He says as long as I'm making steady progress with the RYB exercises, I'm doing better than most sciatica sufferers. And he says as long as there's no nerve degeneration, even if I never get back to being able to run and touch my toes again, it's better not to risk surgery.

The company I drive for seems to be willing to let me drive just 6-8 hrs most days (most of us are driving at least 10 hrs/day) ... so I have plenty of time for exercising and resting.

I've got to admit it's been a tough month, hurting constantly while working. After 5 months, I'm starting to have thoughts that maybe it's going to be this hard for a lot longer. Yes, I am grateful to RYB for helping me get baxck to work without too much difficulty. And while I am not feeling particularly optimistic today, I will certainly keep doing the exercises every day.