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a health ripoff and a warning to all of us

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 12:00 pm
by Guest
Here's a health ripoff (well-intentioned, but still potentially dangerous) that almost killed my daughter: the Hallelujah Acres diet. I'm posting this because there's a good lesson here for all of us who really want to help others.

The h-acres diet is somewhat similar to the Natural Hygienic vegetarian, raw foods diet (Shelton, Paul Bragg, Jensen,, but with a strong, fundamentalistic Christian flavor ... which isn't meant to be demeaning to those of you who are Christian ... it's just that when theory is wrongly connected with religion (and becomes divinely inspired truth), common sense takes a back seat to gullibility and dogmatism. Which seems to be happening to the good folks promoting the Hallelujah Diet from Gastonia, NC, USA. I was one of them and it's only been the last few years that I've been learning how to think from something more enlightened than the dogmatism and gullibility of being a "true believer".

If you google "hallelujah acres" you'll find their website, and also, more importantly, some critical info posted by other, former true believers who discovered by hard experience the short-comings of the "h-acres" diet/lifestyle.

I won't go into any more detail with this (unless encouraged), because I'm not 100% certain these are the kind of ripoffs Dean was hoping to have exposed in this part of the forum ... though there is a strong connection for those of us who used to be "true believers" in the absolute power of the body to heal from anything (even a bad back) if you just eat the right things, take the right combination of divinely inspired herbs and vitamins, and avoid the wrong things (like scientific evidence that might show you are suffering from dogmatic certainty and what Dean calls "tunnel-vision").

While I tell others, hurtin from a bad back, to simply check out this website, I frequently hear from them such tunnel-vision, inspired "certainties" ... as ... God will heal me ... that food supplement X will heal me. Unfortunately, tunnel-vision afflicts more than the h-acres folks. I'm a recovering addict, and fall into it frequently. I think we all have to watch out for such faulty thinking in ourselves as we offer advice to other back sufferers in this forum.

There's an excellent website forum frequented by dozens of reformed (competent) chiropractors who meet to write about the short-comings of their previous, erroneous training in such mythologies as finding subluxations and using activators. They also INVITE others with back problems to post their symptoms; then, the DCs will offer their best advice for healing. I'm really amazed at how much these reformed DCs know about the back, and how VERY cautious they are in their recommendations. There's a personal lesson there for me, because I fall so fast for the trick of being absolutely certain I'm 100% right about something ... and maybe some of you could use that reminder, too.

I almost killed my daughter by believing I was absolutely certain I knew what needed to be done to heal her, and I really don't want to give advice from that idiot inside me again, especially to any of you using RYB.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 12:06 pm
by Guest
Forum friends:

Sorry about the "guest" ID in the previous post ... but everytime I log in on the library computer, I just can't get logged in right. So I'm makin sure I sign my posts sent from the library :oops:


PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 1:31 pm
by Dean
Hi Randolph,

There are no wrong posts. This is exactly what I had in mind. I want to provide a place where we can share our own experiences whatever they might be.

I have no objection to posts about non-health related rip-offs, as far as that goes.

I've even decided to change the name of this section to just Quacks Frauds and Rip-offs.

It occurred to me after posting yesterday that I was being unfair to the honest chiropractors out there... who simply have a different opinion... by including their profession in the title. It was rather short-sighted of me. I appologize for the implied insult.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:46 pm
by randolph
Hi Dean

I didn't have anybody specific in mind when I posted the above, but I'm glad for you that you had the moment of insight that helped you become more accurate in your writing. It's a constant battle to write only what you mean, and, at the same time, try and be aware of how your well-meaning words might unintentionally offend another or garble up the intended, helpful message. Truth is offensive enough without adding inaccurate language to the mix.

What inspired the above post was noticing recently the incredible difference between the humility of those reformed DCs on their website, with their incredible experience and knowledge gained from years of helping others recover from a myriad of back problems, who diagnosed (and presumably treat) with great caution ... and the arrogance of my former friends at h-acres, most of whom had no medical training, yet were quite willing to believe, with 100% certainty, that change to the h-acres diet would cure anybody of anything.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 11:55 am
by Jason
Glad to see you changed the heading of this forum. While I'm no fan of chiropractic, I did think it set the wrong tone. I'd much rather see more posts like this one that randolph made.

It better serves the group and is more useful. We already know to stay away from chiropractic.


PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 6:33 pm
by Jeanette
Jason wrote:Glad to see you changed the heading of this forum. While I'm no fan of chiropractic, I did think it set the wrong tone. I'd much rather see more posts like this one that randolph made.

Hi All -- Dean, I'd like to echo the others who prefer the new title for this discussion topic. I've had three different chiropractors who've worked on me in the last 30 years and two of the three are excellent. The third walked, talked and made noises like a duck :roll: The two good chiros encouraged treatment only on an as-needed basis and were glad to offer information about exercise that helped me recover from various injuries. They also used heat, massage, and other modalities to relax tense muscles before doing any gentle manipulation. Neither were they adverse to OTC pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen on a short-term basis IF it helped.

Even so, because the quality of chiropractors -- and physicians, it turns out -- differs so widely, I think it's prudent to take a skeptical view of any out-of-the-norm, "new-age" or super optimistic claims until you have enough information to make an informed decision. This website and the forum has been wonderfully helpful re the latter.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and advice :) .

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:47 am
by Admin
Yes, I think it will prove to be a better title, too.


Re: a health ripoff and a warning to all of us

PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 5:58 am
by Woodchuck
Interesting Randolph! I think you and I have a lot in common. I'm not sure if you mean drug addict, but in any case, I am an AA member, totally sober now since 1/16/86. Prior to going to AA, I was deeply involved in a Church (in fact, I have a BA in Theology from Ambassador College) and tried to get sober in the Church with their advice which kept me from AA where I finally got sober. I was told I was in the bonds of Satan in fact. It was not until I left the Church and lost the tunnel vision that I was able to get help. Became very suicidal in fact. Am doing fine in that respect now. Anyway, that experience taught me never to ever again get into a situation where I feel I am 100% sure about anything. I've also learned to accept the gray areas of life and try not to view things as black and white. I still believe in a Higher Power, but I keep it vague so I don't fall into the "black and white" trap ;)
Glad you shared your experience with this Hallelujah group. I assume your daughter is doing OK now?


PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:16 am
by randolph
Yes, Ken, she's a 12 year old horse loving, American Girl doll playing, goofy, gangly, radiant beauty. Got my baseball bat ready to greet the boys at the front door!!

I commented more on HAcres following your post on the TMS thread.

Life's a lot more fun when you stop asking gurus or drugs to make your decisions for you, ain't it, Ken? Who'd a thunk it.


PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:24 am
by Woodchuck
randolph wrote:Yes, Ken, she's a 12 year old horse loving, American Girl doll playing, goofy, gangly, radiant beauty. Got my baseball bat ready to greet the boys at the front door!!


Glad to hear she is doing fine! I will comment more in the other thread.