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a different opinion

Post by badbackhd » Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:34 pm

I'm a first time poster who has had a bad back for probly 10 years. My MRI shows bulging disks, spinal stenosis and degenertive disc disease. Chiropractic has ben the only thing to help my back when i have an acute episode. Is PT supossed to be better? They put me on program twice a week at $15 co-pay to lay me on a mat and give me stretches my chiropractor had in his office! It was a waste of time. My Doctor tried to convince me that "Naprosyn would heal my discs"? Hey my Chiro treats million Dollar Athletes, football and Hockey. If he was harming them, you think the team would allow it? I understand everything Dean says but frankly every person sells their own "specialty" as "what works". If Dean says his way is best he gets rich. PT's bash chiropractors, Chiros bash PT's, and everyone bashes doctors. Last back "specialist" i went to recommended PT. I come to find out he's part owner in it and was a former PT! Who is best? Pill pushing Doctors with Naprosyn, Flexaril & Lortab? Dean who's credentials i can't find? How bout if i say daily sex heals your back, that sounds best of all. What is best is what works for you. If i can function well using chiropractic, stretches and excercize that's all i need. I probly will get deans book because i'm VERY open minded and will try anything. But hey it's like Kevin Trudeau with his "natural cures" book, either you think he's brilliant or a fraud. I love my chiro and he doesn't sell me on any crap about legs being uneven or cracking sounds. What i do know is i walk out feeling much better. I do acknowledge that i will have to rebuild my back and will probly get Deans book. But let's be a bit more open minded and less judgemental about other professions. I think each has it's merits, and not one discipline is solely "the answer". Even Howard stern had back problems which supossedly turned out to be unresolved emotional issues, maybe us back sufferers need to see a shrink! Listen to all, but in the end do what works for you..

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Post by randolph » Tue Jan 24, 2006 8:04 pm

Hello badbackhd!

I'm really glad you're still willing to try out Dean's RYB program ... in spite of your reasonable suspicions (after all, this is the internet, and "buyer beware" and all that). But I think you'll find this a safe and helpful and inexpensive place to come for consistently good back advice and encouragement and even a few laughs (isn't that what you paid me to write, Dean? :lol: )

And I'm really glad you were one of the fortunate ones who received effective treatment from a competent chiropractor. Many of us, like me, were less fortunate. We were severely injured by DCs who were trained to administer very questionable treatments. So you'll have to forgive those of us who vent in frustration, having paid good money to endure the most horrible pain ... while the DC who hurt us is protected by bad law from being held legally accountable for the harm he causes. Thankfully, Dean has reminded us in more than one post you can read for yourself, that most of the DCs using questionable methods are misguided, not criminal. That was in fact the case of the DC who harmed me.

We're all learning "what really ends the pain and keeps it away" here, Dean included ... that's one of the things that makes this place so much fun. Basically all we're saying to eachother is "hey, this worked for me, maybe it'll help you". We all know how very horrible back pain is, and I can't believe any of us want to add any more pain to the years of pain you've already be through. We just want to be around to hear you post, "wow, I'm better and here's what helped!" I know I have been greatly helped because of the 3 months I've been hanging out here.

Incidently, there is a mind/body connection in healing which Dean comments on in the Sciatica section of the forum. You may be right that some of us need more than just physical exercises to get better!

Hope we hear from you again, soon, especially with details about that rebuilding your back with daily sex program! :D

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Post by badbackhd » Wed Jan 25, 2006 11:45 am

To Randolph,

thanks for the Reply. Hey i'm very open minded and frankly my Chiropractor owns his own place and when i see the other Chiros, i think they suck! I'm fortunate that mine has been around, is very acomplished. I do realize the negative that is out there, and i don't let them messing with my neck at all. What i do know is when i have an acute episode i can barely get in my car. when i get to my chiro in a sweat from the pain, I'm able to properly walk back into my car pain free and can go to work the next day. Yes, i do realize i have to correct my "C" posture and likely retrain muscles and tendons and such, but i don't think anything can prevent stenosis or degenertive disc disease. But honestly i work with PT's but feel what they do is basically teaching you stretches a 3 year old can do. I would lay on a mat for a 1/2 hour unattended. then i'd go to my chiro and he had a handout with all the same stretches and he even told me to get a PT ball and offered to teach me how to use it. I do believe in the mind/body thing and definately feel it is a big part of my problem. Howard Stern had the same issues and saw a Dr. John Sarno who treated his "mind or emotions" and there went his back problems! I also heard of a "cranial sacral" thing that releases alot of emotion. But hey anything is better than my Doc telling me that Naprosyn will heal my discs! Little does he know i'm a medical professional who knows better. He didn't want to hear about research re: cardiac risks with NSAIDS and such. But as far as my Chiro there are good one's and bad ones. He treated a Goalie who right now is a future hall of famer who's still playing for a team who is favored to win the cup. So i know he's good. But hey, i'll give dean a shot and may we all be healed. I'm only half joking about the "sex therapy"! Hey, my therapist preaches "motion" and it helps you emotionally so why not! If i create such a thing can you imagine "Honey if we don't have more sex i won't be walking, we just have to"!!

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Re: a different opinion

Post by Dean » Wed Jan 25, 2006 12:12 pm

badbackhd wrote:I understand everything Dean says but frankly every person sells their own "specialty" as "what works". If Dean says his way is best he gets rich.
When exactly does that kick in? :)

Hi badbackhd,

Welcome to the group.

I always welcome a well thought out, honest opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I've been known to be wrong.

Case in point: I also had about 10 years of chiropractic treatment and I even used to recommend it to family and friends. I now know I was wrong. Hindsight is 20/20.

As I point out elsewhere, I have no personal beef with any of the chiros I went to. They were nice friendly people who were helping people "feel better."

But the fact remained that I still had a bad back after roughly 10 years of treatment. Long story short, I rebuilt my back in less than six months and haven't had a back problem since... going on 4 years now.

No more need for chiropractic - which wasn't doing anything. It just made me feel better for having "done something." Totally psychological.

I started investigating chiropractic and other questionable practices AFTER rebuilding my back. I wish I had thought to question it 10 years earlier. I could have saved myself thousands of dollars.

The point of rebuilding your back is not to hurt chiropractors. The point is for you to fully recover and forget that you ever had back problems at all.

Any treatment that prevents people from seeking proper treatment (or let's just say a BETTER treatment) is bad and needs to be exposed.

I think education is very important and for knowledge to increase you can't censor information just because it might adversely affect someones livelihood. I've chosen to publish what I consider to be the truth even if it's not always politically correct.

If tomorrow someone where to prove to me my treatment methods (or my opinions) were wrong, I would publish that fact, apologize and get on with publishing the correct information.

One last thing,
But hey it's like Kevin Trudeau with his "natural cures" book, either you think he's brilliant or a fraud.
Have you read Kevin Trudeau's book? If so what was your opinion? Did it contain any cures?

I have not read it myself, but my understanding is that it does not contain any cures and anyone who has read it is calling it a fraud.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with any feedback on this (or any other health related rip-offs you've experienced).

Bottom line, badbackhd, is that this section is not about chiro bashing. It's an open discussion where members can freely express their opinions, vent, rant and more importantly warn fellow members of possible dangerous activities.

I do hope you'll try rebuilding your back and that you'll let us know how it goes. Your opinion is valuable and always welcome.

I'm not anti-chiropractic, I'm pro-recovery,


Post by Guest » Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:19 am

Wow, I like that: I'm not anti-chiropractic, I'm pro-recovery :!:

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To Dean

Post by badbackhd » Fri Jan 27, 2006 1:01 pm

I appreciate the reply. I admit i've been in the medical field for 15+ years. I don't have all the answers. I'm sure Chiropractic has it's negatives. However i take way more exception to my doctor who pushes NSAIDS on me and tells me "naprosyn will heal your discs"! Many of these types of meds i believe increase risk of cardiovascular incident so i don't take them. I only use Lortab PRN only during an acute exacerbation. I do not have Kevin's book but flipped through it yesterday. The one thing that interests me is i have Hypertension and Back pain. As a "cause" for both he has "emotional stress". I do stronly feel there is a connection. I've had a bad life with alot of bad things happening to me emotionally, like an alcoholic father, him suddenly dying on me, dysfunctional family, horrible relationships and loveless marriage and with me facing 40 in March looking back at my life wondering alot of things. So i feel perhaps that is my greatest cause so want to look into cranial sacral therapy, and maybe i'll talk to someone or try a med who knows. He also lists other stuff like mineral deficiencies, candida, toxins or metals in your body. Hey i think with backs not one person has the answers. While i feel emotions play huge into it, i still do have confirmed stenosis, bulging discs (bulging out the back not side!) degenertive disc disease, and i'm guessing that stuff wont go away. I have more gripes with Pt's than i do chiros. All i know about mine is when i'm "acute" stretching doesn't help, pills don't help. I go to the chiro in horrible pain all lumbar slanted and when he's done with me i feel fine, sore for a few but fine. Frankly if it is psychological, i don't care as long as it works. I don't let him do my neck because i've heard stories of loosening stuff and strokes and such. I realize he is not truly curing me, that i do have to retrain my spine. But when i get a chance i'll download your book and i've always believed "consider everything" and have an open mind. But Darn, i could go for a nice hour long message. Last time i did she found all these trigger points and i felt like a million dollars after! I also do blame myself as i'm lazy and don't excercize or work out as i should. But when i hit 40 i hope to change my life and start taking care of me instead of everyone else.

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Post by fortyrounds » Fri Sep 28, 2007 11:23 am

The final straw with my chiro was when i went in he told me that my kaiser spinal doc really dont know what they are doing and that they are basically guessing he proceded to crack my back it wouldnt crack he pused harder and finally slapped my butt and said there it goes i got it and expected me to really fall for that i should have said something but im to nice but i am very disap w myself cause now i really have pain he has actually been calling me like a telemarketer my spelling sucks but rel doctors dont have time to solicit there patients from my experience nsaids reduce inflammation and are safe if taken as perscribed w the exception of celebrex and vioxx and a few others but ya know if a chiro works for you then there ya go im just glad i found this site cause ive been on here for 2 days now alot of good info i hope youre chiro keeps working for ya Wess

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