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TLIF L4L5 & Dynamic Stabilization L3L4

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:46 am
by Red
Hi everyone

Going to have my TLIF L4L5 & Dynamic Stabilization L3L4 surgery on 16 Jan 09 after getting a second opinion today. Both docs agree on the same thing as they think that it is better to have fusion on L4L5 after i reherniated the disk again. The first partial disectomy that I did in 1999 was a success and I totally had no sciatic pain for almost 10 yrs ...except for the occasional back pain which started the last 5yr. As my MRI showed that L3L4 has annual tears and had a bit of protusion, both docs agreed that I should stabilise it with a dynamic implant which still allows the joint to move while supporting it, this way hopefully I have total relieve of the leg pain and hopefully solve my back pain as well.

Any one who has done this type of procedure before? Or any success stories? Hopefully this will be my last surgery ever.