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Steve UK
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Physio ??

Post by Steve UK » Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:10 am

Hello everyone,

I have just had my second operation on my L4/5 discs ??

I still have a numbness on the front of my foot and toes ?
is this normal and will it get better ?

Also now and then i still have shooting pains in my toes, this is where i
was getting most pain before my Op,

Its been 14 days since Op and i cant get to see my doctor for another
10 days!!!

I want to start physio now but am worried i may do damage if i stretch and bend, Obviously i know my limits, but would the scorpion and similar exercises help , or should i rest for now??

Im walking a lot without any problems ...


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Post by fortyrounds » Sat Nov 03, 2007 5:12 pm

Im no expert but you know the old saying listen 2 your body, and i would think as soon as you feel you can move around i would go ahead. Im sure i dont have to tell you to take it slow and if it was me i would just do a very lite version of the first part of rbyb. Which are the cobra,and front bends, and side bends, hip shrugs, and finish w the standing back bends and definately work on the breathing exersizes. Of course try and do some walking in between but like i said i am not expert so i would just maybe check w dr first. Im sure he would agree its better to move around as soon as you can than stay stationary. Alsoyou just had surgery so if you follow these exersizes and go through the stages you can really get on top of your back and get in good shape but take it slow. Do you have the book rbyb?

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