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New to the Forum...

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 5:22 pm
by Dave in Oregon

I hurt my lower back 2 months ago by lifting some heavy containers out of the back of my truck. I lifted and twisted to the left at the same time. I didn’t feel any pain at the time, but about an hour later I was sitting at the computer and my right foot felt like it was asleep. Within a few minutes the underside of my right arm, the right chest and right side of my back felt the same way along with my right leg. This numbness extends from the middle of my chest to my toes, but only on the right side. My little finger and ring finger of my right hand feel the same. It’s like drawing a line down the center of my body, front and back. I don’t have any trouble walking, but these areas feel very numb and it's pretty annoying.

I went to a chiropractor who checked me out and said it was a pinched nerve in my lower back. He did some adjustments, but they haven’t helped. I’ve also had some lower back pain, but that is almost gone now since I started the exercises in the book.

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this numbness and how long it lasts. I’m hoping the exercises to rebuild my back will help. Should I be doing anything else? Am I right in assuming this is sciatica?

Thanks for your help!


PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 7:27 pm
by B

Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your injury. With numbness like that you should see a Doctor. Sciatica is mostly severe referred pain down your leg to your knee and at times below to your feet. In addition to numbness, floating pain, muscle cramps and spasms in your thigh. Can be either severe, mild or throbbing. Pick a symptom. But pain in your chest is disconcerting.

Curious to hear what you find out.

Good luck....B

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:22 pm
by Dave in Oregon
Hi B,

Actually, I don't have any pain in my chest area....just some numbness. I also have numbness in my right leg and foot down to my toes, but no pain at all. I was hoping someone else has experienced this and could give me some idea of what I can do and how long it may last.

Thanks, Dave

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:50 am
by Steven
Hi Dave,

The numbness in your chest wouldn't be from the lower back. It would have to be caused by something else. I agree with B. Sounds like something to run by your doctor.

Fortunately, it's not on your left side.


new girl

PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:24 am
by oldrose
I am 75,female and have used a stick for walking outside for a couple of years. However ,sciatica arrived like the proverbial elf’s arrow after a bout of the norovirus (winter sickness) in February. I had an even worse bout in April followed by a continuation of the sciatica. I have had an X-ray which showed the pain was coming from deterioration in the lower spine. I have been to a physiotherapist and I do the exercises advised and take the painkillers when necessary etc. I thought I was in control and doing much more when the darned thing came back with renewed ferocity.
I am a writer and probably sat too long and badly at this machine over the last decade. I do get involved and don’t take enough breaks.
As the years ahead may not be many I want to write down all our family history stories as my legacy to my descendants.
I have therefore bought an orthopaedic office chair with a special coiled spring seat. I am very comfortable in it but out of it the pains in my right calf and ankle come back. I use hot-water bottles etc. Ice packs don’t seem to help.
I will buy two of the books and look forward to learning more from the forum. I was about to look for a chiropractor when I read the article and saw the sense of not going there.