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Confused about some topics re: sciatic/piriformis recovery

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:29 pm
by sal
Thanks to all; I feel like you are a support sytstem. My background: Piriformis/sciatica since January 2006-left buttock and thigh 24/7. No relief from neurologists, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, chiropractor treatment for 3 months and massage therapy. Placed on "light duty" at my job, felt ostracized. I have always been athletic. My pain scale stays about a 5. I do not take any meds anymore. I'm a nurse and just don't like what I've seen. I realize some people have unbearable pain and must take them. Just found and read rebuildyourback books. Taking 2 weeks off, icing and heating as suggested. Will start stretches after 1 weeks rest. I hate to start off my first entry with this question, but nobody ever addresses it and I really need an answer. When one says no exercise, no lifting, no driving, etc...what about relations with your spouse? I am always in pain, so I have never been able to tell if that makes it worse or not. Would one suggest to rest in that area also for a week or two, or does it not make a difference.

Also, if my pain is still about a 4 or 5 after 1 week rest, is it best to start the basic stretches?

Thanks anybody out there.


PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:25 am
by randolph
Hello Sal

Good questions, sal.

Regarding sexual relations: for the first several months of my sciatica, I was physically unable to get in any position to have sex. So I was greatly motivated to do exercises like the cobra to be able to bend and move in the positions sexual activity requires. Masturbation provided some relief until I was able to resume sex with my wife. (I can easily envision many more creative solutions from the male viewpoint ... but my wife is very conservative, so I need to respect that) The first few times we tried sexual relations, to prevent pain from the activity, I had to limit my activity greatly :cry: . But in the passion of one session with her, simply decided to go for it (you've been there I'm sure) ... and hurt for several days afterward from the overexertion. So I'd say: easy does it ... just like any other exercise.

The situation is, of course, more complicated if it is the wife who cannot participate in sexual relations, but I'll leave it up to the ladies to comment on that unique challenge.

I'm not much for doing the stretches and exercises if it hurts so much that the positions and movement don't feel good (which is probably good advice regarding sexual activity, too). Nothing is gained by trying to "exercise" thru the pain; the pain only got worse for me by doing so, and the next day or two were horrible. My mantra is: do all that you can, but not too much. Sometimes the most you can do, is rest, or at most, try a rep or two of a few exercises just to see that you can't do more.