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Hot Tub?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 12:30 pm
by Guest
:?: Is the hot tub good for sciatica pain?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 3:36 pm
by Paul

Yes, hot tubs are good for temporarily relieving all types of back pain.

Just don't use heat if you have a recent injury that may have some swelling since the heat causes fluids to expand. You'll just make the swelling and pain worse.

Ice works best to reduce swelling and inflamation.


Be careful...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 8:59 am
by krd
Hello and welcome to the forum. I too had a sever case of sciatica back in April of this year. It took me almost 3 months before I could do the basic stretches found in Dean's book. I have a hot tub and I can tell you that there were times that it seemed to help, however, during the early on stages of sciatica, the heat did nothing but inflame the injury. I was afraid to get back into the tub until my pain was virtually gone. Now it is a "heaven sent". I use it all of the time when ever I feel any tightness in my lower back. Remember take it easy in the beginning, walking is the best exercise and only when it doesn't hurt. I hope that you heal soon.