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Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 12:33 am
by Rupertmac
I am new to the book and I really need some assistance on my path to recovery? I am 43 years old and from South Africa. I am a keen mountain bike racer and also compete in off-road motorcycle racing! During Feb 2012 we went for a outride one Sunday afternoon, i got a flat and as i bent over to fix it i felt a twitch in my middle lower back lefthand side. This was ok till the Monday morning when i woke up and stood on my legs, left foot had needles and pins!! Thought it will go as i was under the impression it was a nerve...Three days later the numbness and needles went to the right leg to, burning feet and dead numbness in both feet, the dead feeling ran up to my knees on both sides but just on the front part of the legs, not my calves! Obviously i stiopped all training! I had and have NO pain...We went to Spain for two weeks hoping it will improve, no improvement when we came back from vacation.I went to see the DR and then went for MRI, L4&L5, bulging but not serious said the neurologist...with time it will heal...I have been going now for 3months no improvement...the feet burn and the numbness is still there, very frustrating!!I sarted the rebuild program and i have noticed some 'bubbles',thighs,bums and lower back, after my third session when i walk as part of the plan....Still there is NO pain and but the burning,numbness dead skin is there! Is this sciatica and how long will it take to 'leave my legs' :?: I met someone yesterday at chuch who had similar symptoms but he continued to do training?? Please if there is anyone who would like to share with me, drop me a mail?? :?