Theraflex treatment for Sciatica

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Theraflex treatment for Sciatica

Post by mahuja1906 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:53 am

Hi, I am 31 yrs female suffering from sciatica in my left leg from past 3 months now. My lower leg is very sore and upper leg is numb. I feel pinching sensations in my lower back and leg. This is due to herniated discs L4-L5, S1. This problem started 10 years back but got cured in a month. Within these 10 years pain was on and off for a couple of days but never had such a bad situation as I am in now. I have tried almost everything like attraction, currents, heats, diatheramy, acupressure and reike within these 10 yrs but nothing resolved my prb permanently. This time my doctor has suggested me for the surgery which I don't want to do at any cost.

rather I found something new on internet called theraflex. Till now i have taken 5 sessions. First 3 sessions were affective, my physio combined theraflex with excercises and accupunture to relieve my pain but in my 4th session he cominbed very aggressive pelvic movements with theraflex which is very painful and I am feeling my pain has come back. My physio says it was expected but I don't think so.

So my question is has anyone tried theraflex before ?? what was your experience with that ? How many sessions did u take ?

Thanks very much for reading my problem.

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