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Post by fruitypuds » Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:19 am

New here. I'm wondering when to start doing exercises. I've read the back book, but have so much pain (despite the drugs) that I just don't know when to stop resting/start the program. I've been mostly in bed for over a week now, and when I get up it's to crawl (with knee pads on). I can walk only a few steps, and sit for a couple of minutes perched on the edge of something. Should I dose myself up with the max of meds, and start the adjusted cobra now to avoid my muscles wasting away? Or do I rest some more? Not sure on the best way forward as it wasn't clear to me from the book.

The thing is, whilst I've been on bedrest it's still been slowly worsening. It's a nightmare - I have 2 kids at home, can't prepare meals or leave the house except - get this - to cycle! I can ride a bike but not walk when I get there.

I've borrowed a teeter, which I find helps (gentle angle) if I use it immediately before bed - otherwise I wake up at 5am in too much pain to sleep. It does hurt at first - I've read some posts on here - but I think that's muscle tightness because it subsides as I relax over 10 minutes.

I've had lower right back pain for 3 years (ahem) and on the UK NHS that's how long it's taken to get this far - once you have a problem it's too late to get insurance. Osteopath manipulated upper and mid back so it could move freely again, which felt amazing after so much stiffness BUT then the pain started to come on stronger, in the right buttock, then down the back of the leg and now tingling in the foot.

MRI scan last month showed large bulge at L5/S1 compressing the nerve root. I have an appointment with an ortho surgeon in 2 weeks, although I don't want surgery unless all else fails. Everyone around me says it would be the best thing to do, so I'm alone in this! I've been positive until this week but am now feeling pretty low as people are getting fed up of me not being around!

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Post by darius » Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:52 pm

i've just discovered this site but at the moment there are no current posts.
i would think carefully before undergoing surgery as the success rate used to be 50%, not sure what it is now. i would do my utmost to stretch all the muscles every way possible, gently but persistently, and check out all the other methods mentioned here. good luck and management. d

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