Back & front of left shin

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Back & front of left shin

Post by Mitz » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:41 pm


About 12 months ago I started to get lower back pain/stiffness and the occasional pain in my shin of my left leg when exercising. The back issue was my major concern as I could manage/almost cope with the shin pain.

The lower back pain/stiffness was at it's worst first thing in the morning and could make me wince when I got out of bed. The shin ache was at it worst if I overstretched, stood or walked for long periods.

Over those 12 months I've visited and paid an Osteopath and a Chiropractor. Visited two NHS Physiotherapists (they encouraged stretching) and I've started with my first private (again I'm paying) Physiotherapist.

Each specialist has given a slightly different diagnosis. All were pleasant, seemed knowledgeable (to a lay person) but none have provided any lasting relief. Worse still the two NHS Physiotherapists who encouraged the "press-up with pelvis on the floor" this helped my back flexibility but when performing the stretch it caused the pain in my shin. And now this pain has become a daily hassle.

I'm now in the position where my back pain has improved significantly and my shin is a worry. Daily discomfort, occasional pins and needles/numbness which becomes severe pain if I arch my back, backwards.

Can some one offer some ideas?

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