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Surgery? Large Herniated Disc

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:19 am
by WendyT
Hi Everyone: I am so glad I found this website! I feel like I am not alone.

I herniated a disc on 9/24. Went to the ER cause I could not walk or sit. They give me pain meds and sent me on my way. I went to an ortho doc and they sent me for an MRI. The MRI indicated a large herniated disc at L5, S1 and a slight herniation at L4.

I have had two epidurals (the first one was done by a doc who was not thorough - he did it blindly in his office). The second was done by a spine and sports doc - He was more thorough - He is a great doc! Anyway, I got the 2nd epi done a week ago and I am feeling better (I can sit at this computer and type!). He said that with PT I can heal my disc. He told me sometimes the larger the herniation the better my body will fight to repair it (he said it can take two months to one year depends how motivated I am).

Anyway, I saw a surgeon for a second opinion who said I should set up an appt. for surgery right away since I am at week 6 and that the disc will never repair itself or get better without surgery. I know this has to be a croc especially after reading Dean's articles and his book Rebuild your back! I read Dean's article that said that the Academy of Ortho guys (not exactly his words!) recommend waiting three to six months before having surgery! I am very confused at this point. I have surgery set for 12/7 but can cancel at anytime.

Can anyone provide their experiences with waiting vs. surgery? The longer I wait for surgery can I damage my nerves more? (I have numbness in my left three toes and 1/3 of my foot). Thanks!!!