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3 months with no neck pain!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:56 pm
by Mary Woolford

I wanted to make a post to let you all know how things have been going. I've been reading all of your messages, but this is the first time I've actually written one.

I had a bulging disc at C5-6 with constant pain in my shoulders and upper back. The doctor told me it wasn't bad enough for surgery which I'm glad of now but didn't really want to hear back then. I had tried everything, accupuncture, chiropractic, massage and pain pills and nothing worked. I was getting really depressed and even considered suicide a few times when I'd get really low. I never would have done it. But it crossed my mind more than once late at night when I couldn't sleep and everything seemed hopeless. I found this website about 3 months ago and it all just made so much sense that I decided to try one more time.

It took me about two weeks before the pain finally started to go away. I was about to give up just when things started to get better. First thing to go away was the pain in my upper back. Then a couple of days later I started to notice that the pain in my neck and shoulders seemed to be a lot less and eventually that went away, too.

It's been 3 months since I first started on the program and my neck feels great. No more pain or stiffness in my shoulders and I feel like my old self again.

I'm sure glad I had this forum to turn to when things didn't seem to be working. It really helped knowing other people were going through the same things I was. That's why I finally decided to write a message of my own so that you would know how much your messages meant to me and how much hope they gave me.

Thank you and I hope all of you are doing well.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 2:54 am
by Guest

Congrats to you dont you love it when life goes right!!! All the luck in the world for the future


PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 5:43 pm
by Bill
Hi Mary,

Thanks for checking in and giving us your story. Hopefully, more people will read your message and be inspired to share theirs as well. I hope you have continued success with your neck and that you'll continue to join in the discussions.


PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:25 pm
by Steven
Hi Mary,

Welcome to the group and thanks for the really inspiring post.

It's always nice to hear the success stories.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 5:35 pm
by randolph
Hello Mary -
Thanks for making the effort to send us your incredible success story. You're not the only one who contemplated suicide during those long, horrible nights alone with too much pain. I really don't want to have another one of those nights again, either! So you can bet each morning from now on I'll greet the sun stretching, mobilizing, decompressing, and strengthing those joints; then have a smoothie chock full of vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients, fiber, etc. And I'll be stopping the big rig every hour or two to bend and stretch some more, no matter how stupid I might look at the truck stops/ rest stops/ loading docks/ terminals doing those exercises!!