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Post by chort » Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:47 pm

Hi everyone! I'm soooo happy to finally come across this site. I have always said that I have to rebuild my back, but I wasn't sure what exercises to do daily. The book answered that question.

I've had MRI's and Xrays - been to the chiro. A lot. I had (have) a herniated disc. Last year I went to the chiro 3xs/week -- which seemed to help tremendously. I think the thing that helped was the "therapy" before hand (little paddles they stuck on my back that vibrated) but not the spine cracking -= I mean adjustment. That was the first time I went to the chiro and I only went because my insurance covered it. So of course, they talked me into coming back every month for "maintenance." I told him I don't think so -- not if it was coming out of my pocket. (I used all my insurance covered visits.) but in the end, I ended up paying for 6 visits so I have been back. BUT I will say this about that office -- they make you do the same cobra exercises in their office. The problem is that most people only do them that one time and that's once a month. The chiro did show me different exercises to strengthen my back. I did all of them. I felt so good, I told him I wasn't coming back and he was fine with that. I was also instructed from the first time I saw him to use heat and ice.

So to chalk everything up - I thought my back injury was from years of gymnastics. AFter reading Dean's book I learned that this probably was not the case, but it's from my poor posture with everything I do. I was seeing the chiro still - but not anymore after reading Dean's book. I am/was on the fence about chiros the whole time --- I just happened to find a good (I think) one.

I am an avid cyclist - road and mountain. I workout 5xs a week -- cardio and light weighlifting. The more I stretch the better I feel. The problem for me is just DOING the stretches many times/day. If it hurts I don't want any part of it, but I understand that it's going to hurt before it gets better. In this case, no pain no gain!

I sit at a desk 6 hrs a day -- I brought in a towel as Dean's book suggested for lumbar support and it helps a lot.

I'm just happy to have found this site and I believe my back will be feeling better within a month! 100% I hope! My back has not been 100% for years!

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