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Back problems and the results

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:27 pm
by GunnyMac
Good morning, all...

I was injured on the job in Oct 07, and spent over 4 months with one DO and PT provider, and then after a second opinion spent just under a month with a MDPH and a PT with an entirely different approach. I am NOT knocking the first DO and the PT folks - they DID get the back spasms and much of the pain reduced, but the PT hit a plateau and the pain wasn't reducing further. :cry: The new PT used work-related exercise and a LOT of stretching interspersed with cardio. The first week I was tired and worn and certainly in pain; I thought it was a mistake to continue, but I went back with the hope that the program would work. And it DID. :D Yes, there was some localized pain in the muscles and I was absolutely winded and tired at the end of each session - here's the bottom line: With three weeks treatment (including steroid injections at the tight muscular points) I am now at 100% :lol: - I was released back to work and have with the continuation of all the stretches and moderate weight exercises not had a bad day or night. The one exception was cramps in my legs, which I believe was simply due to too little water and too much exercise. I would recommend ARC to ANYONE with back pain. Check with your physician before you do anything, as every person is different, but examine the options, because I have found that approaches to PT treatment are also varied. Good luck to all. Oh, BTW, I did look at the True Back device and agree with Dean and another poster who suggested that a Swiss Ball could provide equal or better results than the True Back device. I won't be buying a True Back device after having read all the pertinent information I found here and at the sites Dean suggested. The SB works for much more than the back and cost significantly less.

I signed up here simply because I hope that people with back pain and injury will expand their options and look to professionals who understand the body and how all the various musculoskeletal systems work. The "quick-fix, one size fits all" TV adverts - they know how to sell, but beyond that....?