Well i got

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Well i got

Post by fortyrounds » Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:01 pm

Another question i got the book followed the exersizes and my back got better i kinda already know the answer but about 5 days ago my back started to slowly get symtoms again i stopped doing the exersizes consistantly like i was and thats w my back started getin the symtoms again the question i have is right where my tail bone meets my spine it feels like it is out of place and needs to be cracked is that a posibility if not is there something i can do to make that area feel normal again sorry for all the questions im sure the reason it hurts is cause i stopped the exersizes and i have been sitting alot but it just dont feel normal in that area thank you an have a good night Wess

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Post by Dean » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:32 pm

Hi Wess,

Nothing is out of place and you don't need to be cracked.

For example, would cracking your knuckles change the alignment of your fingers? Of course not. Cracking does not change the position of the bones. Please read my articles on chiropractic for a complete explanation.

You made the mistake many people make. You stopped exercising once the pain subsided. I even warn against this in the book.

Getting the pain stop is only the beginning. You need to completely rebuild your back and then you won't have these problems recurring over and over.


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