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How to rest

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:22 am
by pollyo
Hello. My back has been a problem off and on since my twenties. Frequently, PMS will be connected to my back problems. I am now 50, very overweight, and out of shape. Two weeks ago I fell and hurt my leg. Four days ago when I got out of bed I was practically crippled. I believe it is sacroiliac pain, and at times during the day--esp in the morning when I get up-- the pain is so intense in my left buttock that I feel sick. Your exercises make sense to me, and in fact a year ago I worked with a trainer who helped me strengthen my back and used simlar exercises. Now, however, I just want a position that gets the strain off the joint, cuts the pain, and helps it begin to heal. Right now I can't find a position where I am completely pain free. Please advise, and thank you. I have two days off from work and will take more if needed, so if the advice is to lie in bed, or on the floor or whatever for several days I will do it. (I actually can't do much of anything else right now.)