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Hello new question

Post by fortyrounds » Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:42 pm

I am amazed at the progress ive made w my canal stenosis in my lower back the pain is kinda moving around now but its only minimal i can touch my toes and i am not having pain its hard to keep from trying more lol anyway the question is since ive been doing these first exersizes my uper back is feeling weird the last couple of nights ive had my lt arm go to sleep on me is it cause of the rebuilding and cause i havent did those exersizes that im getting alittle sore and the numbness also i suspect the chiro may have had some cause in the upper back also ok if anyone has any answers or suggestions i would appreciate it Wess

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Probably Ok

Post by B » Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:11 am

Just started Phy Ther for lower back / sciatica attack. What they've got me doing is very similar to the exercises in the book plus a few more, which is great verification of Dean's writing. The Phy Therapist did tell me I would have some mild recurring pain especially in the lower back due to the way they are trying to get me to rebuild my posture and strenghthen my entire back to help prevent future attacks.

He also cautioned me that since I'm feeling basically great now - mostly pain free with a resurgence of energy - that my inlcination to do more and return to previous level of physical use is not good. Too easy to overdue it to soon.

Good Luck....B

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