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damned back pain

PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 11:33 pm
by unbrokenwill
hey yall,

i just found this forum tonight and i cant stop reading it. its the only place ive found on the internet or anywhere for that matter that dosent make me feel as if i have a terminal condition! i am definately going to try ryb. i am a 28 year old male. im pretty healthy. i am a wrestler and im in good shape. i think i originally tweaked my back a few years ago after jumping off of a ten foot ladder backwards and landing stiff-lgged on my feet after a pipe wrench slipped on me while at work. my lower back felt a little stiff and sore for a couple months but it eventually went away. then about six weeks ago i hurt myself again deadlifting. it wasnt even heavy weight, but i didnt warm up at all before hand and probably used poor form to boot, as i havent done this excersise in quite some time. i woke up the next morning and could barely roll out of bed! i was in severe pain for about a week. i took it easy for a while. it slowly began to improve and within two weeks, i felt like i could resume my wrestling classes again. i attended a couple classes and bam, i was almost back to square one. well i gave it another couple of weeks and again it felt much better. i was back in the gym lifting light and doing cardio too. a tournament was a few days away and i had planned on competing for several weeks so i started to train again. but, within a couple days realized i would not be competing in this one. i decided to take at least a few months off regardless of how i felt before wrestling again. so the last two weeks ive been in the gym every day for two hours. i do cardio on an eliptical. light weight training and lots of core exersises. ive made great progress. only a mild pain in the left side of my butt thats usually worse while sitting down, untill today. i over did it on the intensity of my squats and consequently am feeling quite sore at the moment. god, its so fustrating :evil: i worry that ill never be able to compete again. i cannot accept this though. i wont. i have not been to a doctor for this. everyone i talk to tells me there is nothing they can do for me. ive been seeing a chiro, but i believe he is full of crap. he recently told me he saw a guy throw a mental "ha do ken" on another guy from 20 feet away and bring him to his knees! LOL! anyway, sorry for the long post, just wanted to introduce myself and see whether there are any other competitors such as myself in here with similar experiences and what the likelyhood of myself making a full recovery and competing again may be :wink:

brian h

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 2:47 pm
by Steven
Hi brian,

Welcome to the group. Your situation sounds a lot like the scenario that Dean describes in his article: Blueprint for a Bad Back. Fortunately you're still young and the type of back problem you're dealing with is fairly easy to overcome.

Keep us posted on how you do rebuilding,