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excruciating back pain since chiro adjustment

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:24 am
by jim riemer
Hi everyone,I posted here last year regarding my excruciatng back pain, well I had surgery to repair the herniated disc on July 12/06 in vancouver canada,since the surgery my excruciating pain has continued just this past weekend I had to call an ambulance because it feels like a blow torch on my lower back,they kindly brought me to the hospital and injected me with 150mg of Demerol,did not even touch the pain,my Doctor has me on 60mg of oxcycontin a day for the chronic pain and 600mg of gabapentin and 50mg of amitriptlene at night to sleep,this all started after three treatment at the chiro,it has ruined my life I DID NOT NEED TYLENOL FOR MY BACK BEFORE THE CHIRO LUMBAR ROLLED ME AND CRACKED MY ONCE GOOD BACK,this decision haunts me and I am suffering one full year with only a little relief,I am planning on going to the cleveland clinic for a more advanced diagnosis,I cannot keep living like this,this pain put me into the psych ward at the hospital and I feel I am going mad from the pain I SURE WOULD LIKE SOME ADVICE the doctors in canada recommended a two level fusion but this seems really medival and I am not sure what to do,pls could anyone with some advice help I am at my end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have said since april 06 that I cannot do another day but here iam still struggling AND i CANNOT COPE ANY MORE

Hey Jim

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:04 pm
by fortyrounds
Sorry to hear that bro i just found this site today and i to have pain because of a chiro visit i had prob sure but it was nothing like it is now after that guy got ahold of my back on top of the pain i also understan youre feeling cause i am very depp now cause i used to be very athletic now i am hardly active anymore i realy belive that chiro made my back worse as far as what you are going through now all i can say is ive talked to people who are in our position and the fusion helped them as far as the pain goes im not sure if thats an option for me but i hope that you get some relief soon hang in there bro Wess