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Exercising correctly ?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:46 am
by karen
Hi everyone,

Found this website from my mum after much research and 6 months with lower back pain and left leg sciatica. Have 3 bulging discs according to CT scan.2 chiropractors later, 1 massage therapist (very painful) and a podiatrist, I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Have been doing "McKenzie exercises" (ie the Cobra), for 3 mths with very limited results. Am now on Day 4 of the RYB program and not sure what to think so far. Today especially I am very stiff in my lower back (more than when I started) and am finding the flexion exercises (knee ups and forward bends) more difficult than 2 days ago. Is this normal or am I overdoing those exercises, I tend to probably push "into the pain" a little as I do them. I'm so paranoid I am going to stop my back from healing. Can somebody give me an idea of what to expect? Must say though, the sciatica has improved, pain now is more in my lower back.

Thanks, Karen from Canada

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:54 pm
by Steven
Hi Karen,

Sounds like you're making progress if the pain is shifting to your lower back. That's what normally happens with the McKenzie exercises. Eventually the pain in your back will start to go away as well.

Sciatica takes a long time to "heal" or completely go away. I would say you're doing pretty good for only 4 days in. Best thing to do is just be patient and not push to hard.

During the first phase of recovery it's important to go slow and do the exercises very gently. You can't force recovery. If you're feeling stiff the next day, you're probably straining too much. Try backing off a little on the intensity and see if that doesn't work better for you.

I found it was better to do the exercises more frequently, than to try to push to hard.

Keep us posted on your progress.