My story

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My story

Post by Eric » Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:13 pm

Hello all,

I just recently discovered this site and think it's just great. I have not purchased or read Dean's book, but most probably will shortly.

My episode all started about two years ago when I went into physical therapy for lower back stiffness. The PT discovered that my hamstrings were extremely tight (only abouy 20deg straight leg lift on the right) due to all the sitting I do. He sent me off with stretching exercises and scheduled follow-ups.

A week later I was doing some martial arts bag kicking when a flying side kick sent ripping pain throughout my lower back and right leg. The ER doctor I saw concluded that it was a simple back sprain. After a shot of something I was sent on my way only to find out the meds would only last 5 minutes after I got in my truck and drove off. The PT also concurred with the sprain diagnosis and I was treated with heat, masage, ultrasound, and TENS.

After about 5 weeks of therapy the PT was suspicious that the diagnosis was incorrect, but since I was getting better, my PCP wouldn't order an MRI. I eventually got better but still had a slight pain in the buttock area which I learned to accept.

About 4 months later I was walking down my driveway when I was revisited by the shooting pain once again. After another 4 weeks of slow PT I went back to my doctor. This time she decided to order an MRI which revealed 'Large Disk Protrusions' at L4-L5 and L5-S1 along with an annular tear and stenosis from the herniation. My PT and PCP were amazed that I was not in excrutiating pain from this. My doc was suposed to refer me to a neurosurgeon, but never did. I never followed up on that referral either and decided to keep up with the conservative methods at home.

It's been over 18 months since then, and I have had no back/leg pain. I walk regularly and still practice martial arts. I get an occasional tingling in areas in my foot when I push my self too hard, but I believe that the nerves are the last to heal and take a LONG time to do so. I firmly believe in the body's ability to heal given the proper support to do so. I have worked VERY hard to correct my posture and have been dedicated to exercises and stretching. I believe this has kept me out of surgery. If I could afford it, I would like to get another MRI to see if the herniations have shrunk or resorbed at all, but unfortunately it's beyond my financial means and no doctor will refer a healthy indivdual. Although I have spent long hours researching conservative treatment, I look forward to the additional information in Deans book as well as from this site. I wish everyone the same success I have had (so far). :wink:


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Post by Bill » Fri Feb 17, 2006 10:27 am

Hi Eric,

Welcome to the group and thanks for sharing your story with us. I have also wondered what an MRI would show now that I've recovered from my back problems. But, like you say, it's too expensive and I figure as long as I'm not in pain, I'm not going to worry about it. :)


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