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New to the Forum-Would like feedback on "The Plan"

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:21 pm
by Back Words
Here is the need for "The Plan". After falling down the stairs on two separate occasions in my early twenties, a severe beating during a random attack during my thirties, I find myself at 59 in pure agony where my back has settled. I found this website and felt a sense of hope. I have done all the techniques listed in the forum by many of you with no success. I am now addicted to methadone for over 8 years, with the gleeful offerings of Suboxone to get me off methadone, which I have researched that not only is Suboxone addictive, it costs approximately $650 a month. I do not want to be on any pain medication!!!!

Here's "The Plan"-Get the ebooks-do all the exercises as instructed, also build up my body with nutritional program-do both until it works!!!Keep doing exercises for the rest of my life. Then when the pain stops or is manageable get off of pain medication.Does this sound right, or am I missing somethingin my plan? Also, do I need to get all of the books, or just the one on backpain? Any input is very valuable to me and so much appreciated. Sincerely,
Back Words