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What do I do NEXT?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:40 pm
by Scoobyldf
Hello My name is Michael and i'm about to turn 30. Before I get into my problems I just wanted to say what a refief it is to find common sence in the ozarks. I live not to far from Ozark MO for many years (Springfield MO to be exact and was raised in Monett MO). I have several problems both medical and years of un-skilled labor work in factories that have lead to my back pain. Right now I am going through the spinal decompression on the axiom drx machine. I have 4 more visits left each day before I'm put on the machine I go through about an hour of physical therapy and an ultrasound. I will appoligize now my spelling is bad. I have been diganosed with Degrenegration with two disk showing the most compression. I also have ostoporisious (I can't spell it, where my bones are showing loss) My body also does not produce Testorone like it should. I have the testerone levels of a man in his late 70's, I also have a calcium deffiency. Add all of those things with the fact that since I was 15 I have worked in jobs that require heavy lifting. Including my last job where my job included lifting Cases and Kegs of beer. I do not want to have surgry because I have seen many failed attempts with my Mom's surgery which she now has a pain pump implanted in her that puts meds into her spine. I have had the epidural injections and the spinal decompression and they do not seem to work I still have lots of pain and I know that the amounts of pain killers that my doc gave me are not safe. I just do not know what to do. I want to get back to work, but I can not deal with the pain. What do I do next?

Ps I take calcium/Vit D, Norco 10 mg 6xday, Mobic, Testim Gel, and Ambian (because the other pills keep me up :shock: ) also to note Ihave been in 7 car wrecks a couple of which were major, with the last one beging Memorial day weekend just outsede of Branson where I was stopped on hwy 76 near cape fair and was rearended by a truck doing 35-40 MPH. It totaled my car and pushed in the trunk almost 2 FT. my car was pushed the length of my car his Truck and his 23ft boat. We found my tail light some 60ft behind where I ended up in the ditch.