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Really need help with l2-3 disc herniiation

PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:08 pm
by montemag
hello people- I herniated my L2-3 disc about 3 weeks ago. On the first week I had tremendous stabbing pains in the lower back. Went to orthopedist and had small cortisone shots locally- and now I am going to a sports MD/chiro who is giving me the stretch table-- and ultrasound and TENS stim-- . At home I am doing exercises--Mckenzie exercises and birdogs and clamshells and hip rotations and others-I need to know if I am doing the right things. Because I just came back from "another" Physical Therapist practitioner and told them and he said I should not be doing the exercises at home- because I could be hurting myself??? He said a professional should be doing this for you and that he said my injury is what he called "garden variety"- a common injury- not rocket science- and that they treat this injury all the time? is he just pushing his business on me- or should I keep doing those exercises at home to strengthen my lower back muscles tp prevent or treat this pain and fix the injury?? Please advise. :(