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Need advice for "sitting"

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 5:41 pm
by glen_ap
I am a computer programmer and work at my desk for 8-12 hours per day. I have just begun the RYB process and I am not pain free yet so I am doing the stretches every 2 hours like the book says.

Q1. Do I need to be sitting with correct posture already? It is impossible to do for an entire work day. Should I just do it as much as I can and revert to slouching when it hurts too much?

I also have questions about chairs. I have two high end task chairs. One is the Herman Miller Aeron and the other is a chair from Relax the Back. Both are supposed to be good, but neither make it easy and comfortable to stay in the correct posture.

Q2. Do you think I should wait until I have been doing the Basic exercises for a month before I consider a new chair?

Q3. Do you have any chair recommendations?

Q4. How about "active sitting"? I have an exercise ball that I sometimes sit on for work. I am not in good enough shape to stay on it long, but I like that it makes it very obvious when I am slouching and it is an active form of sitting. So I had considered getting a swopper (search for swopper - it should be in the first 5 results), which is much more expensive than an exercise ball but would be more comfortable for work because it has several adjustments such as height, spring tension (the bounce), and lateral movement.

I have a feeling that I would not be able to do active sitting all day for quite a long time - probably 6 months or longer.