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Climbing injury?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:50 pm
by djohn36755
I'm new here- just found your board through "google". I recently went to China with my daughter's choir. Near the end of the trip we went to the Great Wall. The section we visited required intense climbing. We climbed for about an hour. Looking back, I think I constantly held the rail with my right hand and stepped up with my left foot. The steps were very irregular and some were higher than my knee. We had one more day there and then boarded a flight for 14 hours. I was feeling a bit of pain in my lower back and friend let me take one of her Celebrex. This helped me make it home. When I arrived and slept awhile I suddenly felt the pain was entirely in my hip. I thought I had dislocated it?

I went first to a medical Dr. diagnosed an inflamed SI joint. He gave me steroid pack, vicodin, muscle relaxer, and celebrex. I first took only the celebrex (hoping it would work as well as it did on the airplane ride). It had lost its "magic"... or maybe I was just worse than before... So tried the muscle relaxer with the vicodin - this would give me several hours of relief - but not total and it always returned. I finally used the steroid pack - the first day I was pain free - but then it returned almost as bad as it had been. So that made me think it must be inflammation. I have not had an MRI. While on the steroids - I also went to a chiropractor for about 3 or 4 adjustments - no relief.

Then I found you guys!!!! I am encouraged that this might be my answer. I have only been in pain for 4 weeks but it seems much longer. I have 2 teenagers, a husband, and a widowed mother - so many people depend on me.

I have a few questions. I have read the posts from Bill about the blood pressure cuff exercises. Should I do those *before * beginning the book exercises? When I am having a respite - am I harming my progress to do simple chores (load dishwasher, cook, etc.) if I feel no pain at the time? I am using cold therapy for pain (no more drugs), and trying to be optimistic that I will be able to function again. (I have 4 horses that my daughter and I ride and I used to garden daily). Now I'm only feeding the horses apples, and my flowers are full of weeds :(

Thanks for listening to my "story" and I would appreciate any input, words of wisdom, etc....