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How does the story end

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:51 am
by shek
Thanks for the interesting read. I always respect people who take the road less traveled and seek solutions within themselves instead being in love with whatever the current fashion is.
I hope this doesn't come out too presumptuous but I'm reading the book and I missed the inevitable "… and I lived happily ever after with a strong back". Does Dean manage to stay pain-free? Or does his back chime in every now and then?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:51 pm
by randolph 2
Hi Shek

I can't speak for Dean (except to say, that on one of my trips thru Missouri almost 3 years ago, I met and had a long lunch with Dean ... and he seemed just fine ... we actually didn't discuss his health), but my story is ALMOST "happily ever after".

Onset of horrible sciatica almost 4 years ago (age 53); declined orthopedic surgeon's recommendation for microdiscectomy; did (and doing) the RYB exercises faithfully. Bad relapse 6 months after initial injury doing something way stupid, that healed in a few weeks. DIY move of family acrosss country and 2 weeks at DisneyWorld successfully without relapse almost 2 years ago. Been driving big trucks successfully 4 months after initial injury, remaining faithful to daily RYB exercises (plus a few more). Much better shape now than before injury (1 hr vigorous exercise every day - alternate running with strength exercises plus daily stretching every few hours)

RYB has worked wonderfully for me. Probably a mixture of reward for consistency with program, but also some luck (some have been as diligent but with less success). Maybe my decades of consistent athletic activity, not overweight, no smoking, mediterranean diet gave me a good foundation to build on, but that's subjective conjecture. My guess is that RYB is worth a valiant try by any sciatica sufferer before submitting to the knife.