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Post by devaneym » Wed May 13, 2009 11:30 am

Hello Bill I have read some of your posts regarding si joint pain which i have been dealing with for a while. Just getting a good diagnosis was an ordeal and I have seen many Dr's etc during this ordeal. I am 56 years old an have been an avid/competitive runner for many years until this injury came along. I am now using the elliptical machine exclusively pretty much doing 30 minutes of relatively hard interval training to get the pulse up. This rarely bothers me during the activity but there is post activity achiness. Am I hurting myself by doing this activity? I read your section about using a blood pressure cuff to engage the muscles you mention. Should I look to do this? I have been seeing a physical therapist who is mainly working on improving my range of motion in several areas most predominantly in the hip (fyi it's my si joint on the L side that causes the problem) The therapist has also recommended that I see a podistrist about custom orthotics. It's so hard finding someone who knows how to deal with this type of injury and it is quite frustrating as I have been engaged in a continuous struggle to get better. Can you help? Thanks.

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SI Joint pain/dysfunction

Post by Jbbutler » Thu May 27, 2010 12:12 pm

I too have been dealing with SI joint pain and dysfunction for over a year now. It's very frustrating as I have always been very active and was just told by a sports medicine doc that I am to do absolutely nothing for at least 4 weeks. In the last 18 months I've had to stop running, dancing and hiking. More recently, the ellipitical and spinning classes were cut out and then swimming. Now even walking causes pain. I would love to hear some suggestions/advice regarding healing SI joint dysfunction. I don't ever expect to run marathons, but I would like to be active again. I taught ballroom dance for several years and I can't even do that anymore. Any advice? Should I take 4 weeks off or are there exercises I should be doing?

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