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Random Back Pain

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:03 pm
by crackybacky
hi all first time poster. so a little history about me. from maybe the age of 20 ( i am 32 now) i would get random lower back spasms that would feel like everythign went super tight in my lower back and i would have a hard time even walking. it would last like a day or so. this would happen maybe once a year or so. this might sound crazy bc i have seen no evidence on this online but it seemed like when i went thru phases of smoking alot of pot i would get back pain. anyway in sept 08 it came back but felt different. it felt like a nerve pain, sharp lower back pain, especially noticable when i lifted one leg in front of me. it lasted for well over a month. now its back again although not as bad but im done being passive about this. its getting in the way of my life and ive had enough. i play raquetball and ju jitsu and i weight lift and i need my back. so im reading thru the site because i have a chiro friend that offered me to use his chatanooga dts machine. i figure its free so ill try it but i wanted to consider other options. i see that theres a book for sale, have you guys read it and has it delivered results for you? i was thinkin of pickin it up. thanks for your help